Tuesday, 24 September 2013

First Press: Download free sample of writing by Stuart Campbell and friends at THAT Authors Collective

THAT Authors Collective has published First Press, a free downloadable ebook of samples of our writing. You can download it here.

Our collective comprises Sydney writers Helena Ameisen, Sarah Bourne, Stuart Campbell and Garry McDougall. We came together in 2013 as a breakaway group from the Write On! writers group founded by Sarah under the umbrella of the NSW Writers Centre in Sydney.

By some alchemy that none of us can explain, we found common cause – a speech pathologist, a tour operator, a professor of linguistics and a counsellor.

What binds us is an addiction to writing and a conviction that four brains are better than one when it comes to literary and technical quality.

First Press features extracts of published and unpublished works, ranging from Helena's poignant memoir of an Egyptian marriage, Sarah's story of love and tragedy set in England and Uganda, Garry's tales of Australian historical mayhem, and Stuart's quirky story of genteel criminality.    

Read. Enjoy. Seek out our members’ works at our websites and associated events.

© Stuart Campbell
Buy Stuart's e-book novel 'The Play's the Thing' for US$1.25 with one click at


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